Data conversion example in Perl

May 4, 2008 at 12:15 am | Posted in perl | 1 Comment

This is a one-off to convert Dinesh Prabhu’s Romanized Urdu-English dictionary into comma separated value format (.CSV) to be opened in Microsoft Excel and then pasted into the Microsoft Excel workbook included with Günther’s Vocabulary Cards for Palm.

open (INPUT, “< $ARGV[0]") || die "Can't open file $ARGV[0].\n"; while () { if ($_ =~ /([^\:]+)\:\s*([PATHSG])\s+(n.f.|n.m.|pron.|adj.|v.|adv.|intj.|prep.|suff.|pref.)\s+(.*)/) { ($urdu, $origin, $part, $english) = ($1, $2, $3, $4); print "\"$urdu \[$part\] \[$origin\]\",\"\",\"\",\"\",\"$english\"\n"; } } close(INPUT) [/sourcecode]


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  1. Vue comme u00e7a, c’est une expu00e9rience tru00e8s tentante.

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